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Kristi Powell


Kristi was born in Idaho, the seventh of ten children, and was two years old when her parents decided to give up their portrait studio and moved their family to a farm at Dillon, Montana. She currently resides in Glendive, Montana.

She's always loved adventure and exploring. When she was little, her younger brother and her would sneak away from chores and venture into the foothills and valleys surrounding the farm looking for adventure, pretending to be Daniel Boone or Davy Crocket and sometimes not coming home for hours. . 

Kristi enjoys spending her free time hiking in the local hills of Makoshika State Park in eastern Montana, but her first love is the mountains of western Montana where she hopes to eventually move back to someday.

She loves family time spent with her six children, fifteen grandchildren and adopted mutt Max. 

Kristi has been the featured artist at the Dawson County Arts Gallery in Glendive, Montana and the Gallery at Dawson Community College. She has had her work on display at the Dawson County Airport, the Bloom and Makoshika State Park Visitor's Center. She has had her photos published in various Montana magazines, brochures, billboard, International Dark Skies website and on the FWP Makoshika State Park website. You can see a lot of her work around the town of Glendive in places like the new Highway Patrol Community Room, Bravera Bank, Glendive Medical Center and on many of the electrical boxes on the street corners in Glendive. Her work has received several Judges Choice and Overall in Category awards including many blue ribbons in the professional category at the Dawson County Fair. 

When asked what her favorite highlight to date was, she said it was helping Disney+/National Geographic photographer Bob Poole as a sort of location scout for Makoshika State Park. He did all the drone work and she was able to sit back and watch a pro at work and get her name in the Disney credits. 

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